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Review Movie The Mafia Lady Starring Vanessa Redgrave

The Mafia Lady

Review Movie The Mafia Lady Starring Vanessa Redgrave  Lynda La Plante (who also created Widows) scripted this TV miniseries about the family life surrounding a Mafia don.

Sicilian magnate Don Roberto Luciano (Dennis Farina) and his wife Graziella (Vanessa Redgrave)
live comfortably at Villa Rosa in Palermo, Italy.

Their son Michael (Michael Hayden) has an affair with Sophia (Nastassja Kinski), leaving her pregnant but unmarried.

After Don Roberto refuses to traffic drugs, angry U.S. mob boss Carolla
(Tony Lo Bianco) retaliates by having his son Michael killed.

While at a convent, Sophia is given a hard blow when another pregnant woman tells
her of his death; she almost immediately gives birth to Luca, Michael’s son.

Living at the convent, but determined to keep her son, she goes alone by herself to confront the Luciano family for money to support her son.

However, the Lucianos are still coping with Michael’s death and refuse admission to anyone,
unless its family or those that work for them, through the gates.

Despite the guard’s insistence, Sophia still continues to try to seek an audience with them,
only to be violently handled by the guards and almost thrown on the road.

One of Michael’s brothers, Constantino, taking pity on her, lets her in.

He and his mother, Graziella, nurse the tired Sophia.

During her time in the villa, Sophia and Constantino fall in love. However, none of the Lucianos, including Constantino, know of her being Michael’s former lover or of their son’s existence.

Roberto (Farina), sees Constantino’s affections for Sophia and makes it clear to his wife that he doesn’t approve of her, mostly due to her being poor and considered lower class.

However, Graziella eventually gets her husband to understand Sophia and accept her.

While the engagement is good news, Sophia secretly learns something devastating. Because she spent so long at the Lucianos and took too long of time to contact the convent, the nuns gave him up for adoption.

Sophia keeps this a secret. She eventually recovers and marries Constantino.

The story begins to show the other brothers, Alfredo (Tony Maggio), who constantly tries to please their father, and Fredrico (W. Earl Brown), who is something of a troublemaker and doesn’t like being told what to do.

Teresa Scorpio (Illeana Douglas), daughter of Mrs. Scorpio, the owner of a highly successful business in New York, is chosen by Graziella for Fredrico to marry, but Fredrico is openly opposed to it.

Despite his objections, he and Alfredo are sent to New York to meet her. Fredrico happily sees Moyra (Jennifer Tilly), the former girlfriend of an American casino owner, Nicky Diamond, still remembering his one-time with Moyra.

Fredrico has Alfredo meet Teresa instead, and both men fall in love with the women during their dates.

Alfredo and Teresa marry and stay in America to run her family business.

At their wedding reception, Fredrico shows up with Moyra, who is wearing a heavy coat. This clearly appalls Roberto, seeing her as a tramp.

Roberto pulls his son aside, slaps him across the face, and angrily demands that he dump Moyra and meet a nice girl that Graziella has picked and that this time he won’t refuse.

However, both he and Moyra argue loudly about leaving.

Sophia comes to the couple, attempting to quiet down the argument, but Moyra has had enough of keeping quiet and loudly announces: “I’m his wife!” She then takes off her coat to reveal her pregnant belly and announces she won’t have the baby without the Luciano family supporting it. Moyra then goes into labor, and Fredrico yells at everyone to get a doctor.


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