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Comedy (ตลก)

Review Movie Ibiza (2018) Directed by Alex Richanbach

Ibiza (2018)Ibiza (later retitled Ibiza: Love Drunk) is a 2018 American romantic comedy film directed by Alex Richanbach and written by Lauryn Kahn.

Its story follows Harper, a 30-year-old woman from New York who travels to Barcelona on a business trip, which leads to a flirty encounter with a famous DJ.

It stars Gillian Jacobs, Vanessa Bayer, Phoebe Robinson, Michaela Watkins, Jordi Mollà,
and Richard Madden.

The film was produced by Gary Sanchez Productions and Good Universe
and was released on Netflix on May 25, 2018. It received mixed to positive reviews from critics.

Harper is weary of life in New York City
and tired of her job working for a PR firm.

It does not help that her disgruntled boss Sarah is constantly reciting nasty one-liners at her while failing to recognize her hard work.

However, in a surprise move, Sarah informs Harper
that she has to fly to Barcelona for the weekend in
order to secure a new client, a major opportunity
for her to finally show her worth.

When Harper informs her friends Nikki and Leah, the two decided that they are coming along, whether she likes it or not.

While at a nightclub in Barcelona, Harper meets an attractive DJ, who turns out to be the superstar Leo West, with whom she has instant chemistry.

Before they get a chance to spend any time together, Leo has to travel to Ibiza for his latest gig.

Harper receives a call from her boss that the time of her meeting with client has changed.

Harper’s despair over this prompts her decision to fly to Ibiza to meet Leo.

Despite her work responsibilities, Harper decides to follow Leo, friends in tow,
to secure the man of her dreams. Harper and her friends arrive in Ibiza, and after
many shenanigans, she reunites with Leo.

Her friends remind her of her meeting. Harper and Leo then spend a romantic night
together before her return home.

The next day, Harper is late for her meeting. She and Leo separate after a rushed trip to the airport.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Leah plan to impersonate Harper to help her out.

Despite securing the deal, Harper’s boss eventually discovers that she failed to uphold her responsibilities.

Harper is then fired and decides to start her PR firm with advice and assistance from a client Harper liaised with.

Later on, Harper is surprised to receive a call from Leo, who invites her to meet him at a gig in Tokyo.

Harper declines and instead requests Leo to visit her in New York.

Leo agrees and they both confess their feelings for each other.

When Harper informs her friends of Leo’s call, they tell her that she should have visited Leo, which she disagrees with. That night while on the subway, Harper smiles to herself deciding if she will visit Leo or wait for his visit.




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