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Animation (แอนนิเมชั่น)

Film Luis and The Aliens by Ulysses FILM PRODUKTION

Luis and The Aliens Luis and The Aliens (also known as Luis and His Friends from Outer Space or Luis und die Aliens in Germany) is a 2018 German comedy animated film produced by Ulysses FILM PRODUKTION. In the UK, the film was distrubited by Warner Bros.

The story is about an 11-year-old boy named Luis who makes friends with
three lovable little aliens, who crash their spaceship at an abandon gas station near his house.

In return for Luis’ help in finding the home-shopping channel stuff they came for,
they also save Luis from boarding school – as well as an exciting adventure that follows.

Redeeming Qualities
The soundtrack, although unfitting, is decent.
Luis and Jennifer are the only two likable characters.
Decent characters designs for Luis, Luis’s father, Jennifer and the main aliens.

At least when Luis and his dad proved to everybody that aliens exist at the end of the movie, the townspeople apologised for their mean spiritedness.

Why It Sucks
Luis’s father is extremely unlikable, as he doesn’t care about his son that much. The bully is even worse as well as his family.
Unoriginal and cliched plot that ripped of better movies like E.TGMW.
Ugly low-quality animation even for 2018 standards.
Very simples designs for the aliens and a few other characters.

Lots of plot-holes and filler.
Bad voice-acting and dubbing.
While the soundtrack is decent, it just doesn’t fit to the film at all.
The idea that the aliens eat people’s hair so they can transform to that person is really stupid.
Wasted the talents of Will Forte and Lea Thompson.
Unfunny and terrible humor like toilet humor.

The movie recivied mixed-to-negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. It has a 24 precent and on metacritic it has a 46/100, indicating mixed or average reviews, but was a box office succes.


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