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Drama: A Korean Review Hwayugi Studio Dragon

Hwayugi Drama: A Korean Review Hwayugi Studio Dragon Seon-mi is a young girl born with the ability to see ghosts and spirits.

Her seemingly irrational behavior has isolated her from her family and peers, and her only protection is her grandmother and a small yellow umbrella with protection spells written by a Buddhist monk.

One day when she walks home from school, a ghost follows her, and this is witnessed by a mysterious man in a suit and black top hat (Woo Ma-wang).

The mysterious man exorcises the ghost for her, and asks her for a favor: to enter a magical house and retrieve a certain fan.

She is also given specific instructions to ignore anyone she sees in there.

However, the person inside the house is Son Oh-gong, the Monkey King, who was imprisoned inside by Heaven for his crimes.

He blocks her path and forces her to acknowledge him, and tells her that the man
outside is a great danger to her as well.

Oh-gong makes her a deal: if she puts out
the five candles on the table and frees him, he promises to protect her from all dangers
in her life every time she calls his name.

But after she agrees and releases him, Oh-gong steals the memory of his name out of her head and makes a run for it, leaving young Seon-mi stranded in the middle of nowhere.

In the present day, Seon-mi has grown up into an adult.

Still armed with her little magic umbrella, she owns a real estate company that specializes in buying haunted houses, exorcising the spirits, and then flipping them for large profits.

At a busy intersection, Seon-mi and Oh-gong spot each other and Seon-mi asks
why he did what he did.

He gives an unsatisfactory answer and Seon-mi tearfully
asks aloud why she ever bothered having faith in him as a child. Meanwhile, Son
Oh-gong is looking to reinstate his status as an immortal and has been doing
various good deeds to earn brownie points with Heaven.

He learns from a possessed doll that Sam-jang has been born, and
anyone who eats Sam-jang’s flesh can gain immortality.

He decides to figure out who it is and eat them.

However, Sam-jang is none other than Seon-mi, which means that
Oh-gong cannot eat her without violating the promise he made to her
as a child that he would protect her.

While Oh-gong tries to figure out a way to convince Seon-mi to die for him, Soo Bo-ri goes to Woo Ma-wang and asks him for help in protecting Sam-jang.

Ma-wang takes Seon-mi to a antique shop with magical wares.

There an old lady (Bodhisattva Guanyin) sells him a Geumganggo, a magical bracelet that will ensure the obedience of anyone who wears it through the power of love.

The original Geumganggo is worn on the head, but this version is worn on the wrist. Seon-mi gives it to Oh-gong as a gift on Christmas Eve, and has a prophetic dream about standing in a field, wearing a hanbok, and giving him a kiss.

This dream comes true when Seon-mi is dragged into a haunted painting
by a malevolent spirit that kidnaps women and tries to marry them all.

Oh-gong enlists the help of Jeo Pal-gye (Lee Hong-gi), a pig demon and pop artist
under Ma-wang’s entertainment company, to get inside the painting.

Pal-gye helps him, but he and Ma-wang burn the painting
instead, trapping both Seon-mi and Oh-gong inside.

Seon-mi decides to follow her dream and kisses Oh-gong, thus activating
the Geumganggo, though she did not realize what the Geumganggo would do.

Oh-gong gives back her memory of his name and forces her out of
the painting world, because he cannot leave the painting world unless she summons him from the outside.

Seon-mi cuts her own hand and attracts a hoard of demons to her before calling out Oh-gong’s name.

Oh-gong exits the painting world and rescues her from the demons.


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